P&Y Green at a glance

The Petronald and Yoshabel Green Foundation (P&Y Green) is a social enterprise focused on alleviating poverty in the Caribbean. Founded on the idea that poverty is the inability of individuals to live a dignified life, P&Y Green has focused its resources on creating a reality where the less advantaged are enabled to change their circumstances. To accomplish this, P&Y Green acts as the hub for the concerted efforts of several NGOs, and grassroots organisations operating in multiple countries across the region. In this role P&Y Green provides financial assistance, expert advice and services and facilities information sharing and cross country cooperation.


To create a world where all are able to live a dignified and fulfilled life through the power of their own initiative and efforts.


  1. To promote cooperation among organisations and countries as an expression of Caribbean unity
  2. To help local organisations create a more proactive reality for their communities
  3. To empower the less advantaged in pursuit of their social and economic advantage.